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What is this game?

Animal Jam is a game played in a virtual world created online. It was released by Wildworks in 2010 in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. It is amongst the hugely popular online games for children and has more than 160 million registered players from all around the world. The game has been designed mainly for the kids and teenagers and provides the players new and exciting information about zoology. The game has numerous features such as adventures, parties, mini-games and interactive social sessions that make it fun and exciting.

The games have been created by Wildworks which was formerly known as Smart Bomb Interactive and launched on the 9th of September, 2010. The popularity grew quite rapidly, and by the March of 2013, almost 10 million players had registered themselves.


Animal Jam is based on a fictional land called Jamaa. The area has a variety of biomes and highly customizable animals. Players can also create their pets with their preferred customization and give it a name bearing three parts, for e.g., crashing magic-shark. The players can use the virtual clothing to dress up the animals and control it favorably to enhance the gameplay. Originally, it was possible to create only six animals could within the game. These included monkey, wolf, tiger, koala, panda, and rabbit. However, recently, additions have been made in this regard, thereby allowing the players to choose any animal they like.

Among the other things a player can do are adopt pets, buy new furniture, customize the den for pets, buy unique clothing and accessories for pets, the start chats and conversations with other fellow players, attend parties, have fun with mini-games, and set out on adventures in the RPG style. The game used diamonds and gems in the form of currencies. These are used for making all types of purchases within the game. The game also has a membership option which requires the players to pay real cash. Once a player gets a membership, he/she gets exclusive access to the particular animals, pets, dens, adventures and more, which are not accessible to other players.

Communication within the game

Animal jam follows three different types of in-game chat, each of which has its own features and various degrees of restriction. It has Safe Chat in the default setting, which allows the gamers to type in only the preselected phrases and words. The other chat setting is known as the Bubble Chat. It is not as restrictive as the Safe Chat but only allows players to communicate via phrases and words already provided. One cannot type anything of their own on Bubble Chat. The more liberal form of chat is known as the Safe Chat Plus where the players can type in any of the phrases or words. However, because this game is intended for young players, the words that are typed go through a safety filter. Also, the Safety Chat Plus can only be accessed by players holding paid memberships.

The game is incredibly safe for the children. Parents can directly control the chat settings through the parent dashboard. There is no room for any profanities within the game. The players also have the option of blocking other players in case of rude, impolite and unacceptable behavior. The game sticks to its privacy policy and is therefore free from all types of outside advertising. Hence, there are hardly any distractions while playing the game.

Educative nature of Animal Jam

Animal Jam has many educative elements in it which makes it ideal for the young players. This comes in the form of nature facts as well as various educational activities. The game has some educational videos with interesting content, featuring the marine biologist Tierney Thys and Brady Barr, the famous herpetologist from National Geographic. The game is full of messages and activities to create awareness about the need to reverse environmental problems.

Currencies used in the game

Animal Jam uses more than one type of currency. They are listed and discussed in the following sections.

1. Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most special currencies used within the game. They were introduced in the game for the first time on May 30, 2013, together with the Diamond Shop. The diamond shop is the primary place for using up the diamonds. Players can check the number of diamonds they possess simply by hovering the gems icon on the top portion of the screen.

The diamonds have a light blue appearance with a lighter highlight over the top. They resemble the official artwork for diamonds and may appear in various sizes throughout the game. The primary way for obtaining diamonds for the nonmembers is through the daily spin and for the members is the member spin. Players can also extract the diamonds by using the Animal jam diamond codes. After 2013, an addition was made to the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar following which, diamonds are also given out on special days of the week. A purchase of the Diamonds Gift Certificate rewards the players with diamonds as a bonus during the game. The certificate can be bought for a sum of 10 or 25 diamonds and can reward the player with anything from 25 to 60 diamonds. There are also a few memberships that come with diamond rewards. Diamonds can be used for purchasing everything from dens, pets, animals, music, clothing, den items as well as the studio. They can also be used outside of the studio in places such as the Studio corner or the Den Shop.

2. Gems

Gems are another popular currency used in the game. They are equal in popularity and importance to the diamonds. Gems can be used to buy various items from areas such as the Jam Mart Furniture, the Jam Mart Clothing as well as different other places around the Jamaa. Players can quickly check the number of gems they have at any given instant by hovering the icon for gems at the top of the screen.

Gems look like sparkly coins and come in different colors such as orange, green, purple, blue or pink. However, the advertisements for the game may also show additional colors such as red or yellow and the coins bearing a wavy pattern. Gems are earned in the game by participating in activities such as member spin, daily spin, adventures, games, safety quiz and also by recycling the in-game items. Gems can also be purchased from the Diamond Exchange by trading in the diamonds. Apart from that, there are specific animal jam codes that reward the players with free gems. The players can also purchase a Gems Gift Certificate and get rewarded with bonus gems throughout the game. There are also a few memberships that offer different quantities of gems depending on the length of the membership. Gems can be used for purchasing items such as furniture and clothing, which can cost anywhere in between 100 and 800 gems.

3. Tickets

Tickets are not the most popularly used currencies, but they are required for buying items during Summer Carnival. The tickets are rewarded to the players upon participating in the Sumer carnival games, or they can also be purchased by trading in gems. They are orange or golden slips of paper and bear a paw print logo over them. They may come in single as well as connected strips.

4. Earth crystals

Earth crystals are special currencies used exclusively in the Battle for the Beacon. They look like small crystals similar to diamonds and have an orange-brown color. They are obtained by destroying the phantom tube and are used for buying the items from the Earth Crystal Shop.

AJ Memberships

An Animal Jam Membership costs real money. There are different packages priced at different sums, lasting for different lengths of time and bearing different features. The members are allowed access to a lot of features that are not available to other nonmembers. However, there are also a few reliable sites that offer animal jam free membership. This allows you to own a membership for free without making it any suspicious. To make sure that the account and the membership remain safe at all times, it is advisable to keep the password highly confidential.

Animal Jam Codes 2018

There are a various set of Animal Jam codes 2018, which rewards the players with gems and other gift items. They are most often featured in the almanac or the infopedia within the game and also in the National Geographic Kids magazine and Daily Explorer. On special occasions, the codes are also distributed from Jam A Grams. A code can only be used a single time after which it gets exhausted. The players should also be careful since mot codes are case sensitive and need to be entered with a severe upper case or lower case letters. The section for entering the vouchers can be directly seen on the home screen. However, the player should first be logged in to redeem the Animal Jam code.

Animal Jam: Play Wild

Animal Jam Play Wild is a mobile version for AJ. Although the game is similar to Animal jam, there are certain features unique to only the mobile version. It is very safe for kids and allows the players to start chats, keep pets, decorate the dens, watch videos while learning about the animal facts, and more. One can also use the animal jam play wild codes to redeem gifts and currencies while playing. Animal Jam Play Wild is fun, educative and has also been the winner of the best app for kids in 2017.