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Brawlhalla Codes

Brawlhalla is a brawler fighting game based on 2D. It can be played on PS4 and PC. For that reason a Brawlhalla Codes are very popular. The game is played in an eternal battle arena, and the characters include legendary warriors from the past as well as the future eras. They are required to get into a brawl in order to decide who the best is. To prove their worthiness, the characters are put through tough tests that need them to display their strength, speed, and skill. With each victory, the winners acquire greater glory as well as the right to brag about their achievements.

Powerful gadgets and weapons are the two most vital elements that help in determining the gameplay. The weapons include blasters, axes, hammers, swords, rocket lances and much more. Each weapon gives the players a slightly different type of gameplay. Hence, the players can select their weapons based on their preferred style of fighting. Bombs, mines and spiked spheres are some of the most dangerous weapons that can easily change the course of the game. These can also be used for laying traps and making a direct face on attacks upon the enemies.

Game fighting system

The game offers an intuitive fighting system, thereby making it easier for the beginners to get well acquainted with the tactics in a short span of time. Furthermore, the controls are very easy and smooth. This allows the long-term users to handle the finer mechanics with a greater degree of efficiency. You can also switch between different legends during the game without having to relearn the combos and attack strategies. However, the different legends have different stats as well as some unique signature moves. This makes each legend unique in their own special way. The game is free for all to play. There are no paywalls and pay to win features in the gameplay.

Brawlhalla Promo Codes

Use the Brawlhalla skin codes

Brawlhalla 2018

Mammoth Coins and gold are two of the main in-game currencies. These can be used to buy a new skin for the characters and unlocking new characters. The players with sufficient amount of these resources are able to upgrade their characters into powerful ones, thereby making it easier to defeat the enemies. A lack of resources can also be compensated by making real money purchases. However, this proves to be quite expensive in the long run. Another easy way to gain access to the resources is through the use of Brawlhalla promo codes. These codes can be used for redeeming the cosmetics and new characters. This feature has been added by the developers so as to give a competitive edge to the game.


Brawlhalla codes can be bought directly from the shop and sometimes, it is also included in the Giveaways. The codes are generally released through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and forums. Hence, if you do not want to miss the opportunity, it is advisable that you stay updated with all the different platforms that the developers use for interacting with the players. Redeeming the Brawlhalla promo codes can immediately give you an edge over other players by allowing you to strengthen your characters and improving the gameplay. There are different types of codes based on the items they can unlock. For example, the Brawlhalla skin codes can be used for unlocking new skins for your existing characters. Then, there are Early Access steam vouchers and the vouchers that reward you with coins and golds.

Brawlhalla codes 2018

The developers constantly add new promo codes to the game. Some new codes have been added at the beginning of 2018 as well. However, these cannot be used forever. Each code has its own expiry date and should be used within its valid period. While some of the promotional codes are freely available, the players are required to complete a survey in order to have access to the others.

Some examples of the Brawlhalla codes are:

• White Fang Gnash

• Howling Skull

• Long Tooth


How to use the use the codes?

In order to redeem the codes, simply enter them correctly into the redeem code box and click “REDEEM”. The valid vouchers are accepted instantly, and you can claim your prizes. Some of the codes may also be case sensitive. So make sure that you are entering them correctly. If they are accepted by the game, it probably means that the vouchers have outdated. You can also activate the notifications for future codes and Brawlhalla free mammoth coins giveaway. This makes sure that you do not miss any opportunity to claim free prizes.