MMO - Massively multiplayer online

MMO (Massively multiplayer online) – is a type of games in which many players can play with each other on one server (or channel).

The first MMOs worked on the following principle: the game had to be bought and paid for a monthly subscription to enjoy entertainment. This model is currently dying out, however, there are still games that use this model with great success. World of Warcraft belongs to such games.

Another model that is currently the most popular is free-to-play. The only thing we have to do is set up an account and download the game (there are also titles that do not have to be downloaded to the disk, they are based on a web browser) to your computer or console. One of the most popular games of this type is Roblox.

The last type is buy-to-play games. These types of games only require the purchase of the game itself to play for it for free.

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