Warframe Platinum Codes

Warframe platinum code allow you to receive in-game reward. Remember that, the voucher is one time usable only.

It is a single/multi-player third-person shooter game that is playable on all platforms (PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox). In the game, players control members of different tribes that have different abilities. This game has been developed by Digital Extremes. The company has built this game upon the base of their previously scrapped Dark Sector. The game has met with considerable success and has found a large number of players (more than 30 million people). The PvP mode (player vs. player) allows you to play against other players online. There are also quest and story modes available. A recent update has also added a ‘free world’ option, available to all players.

Being an online game means that it has a lot of scope for every player to customize his or her online avatar. They can select their unique images with the help of glyphs. They are pin style icons that can be seen during missions and are used to display player profiles during the course of the game.

Codes in Warframe

Warframe Glyph Codes


The codes in this game are used to redeem certain items related to them. As you enter the relevant code, the item is credited to your account and is accessible from your home page. There are various types of codes that have been made available to the player. Below we discuss what they are, and the abilities that they unlock:


  • Warframe glyph codes allow the player to redeem various icons from the store. Some of them are common and available for free, but the unique ones demand more purchase units and are costlier. With the use of glyph codes, gamers can use rare and unique icons as their profile pictures for battling against different factions and players. In multiplayer games that are played online, a unique identity helps a player to differentiate him or herself from the rank of other players. Serious gamers often pay huge amounts for maintaining a distinct look in a game.


  • There are also in-game purchases that players make. These purchases can be made using an in-game currency, platinum or the player can buy platinum using real-world currency and then make his or her purchase. There are also Warframe platinum codes available, they provide the user with free access to platinum. Players can also get platinum by upgrading their accounts or by trading with other players. Platinum is needed mainly to make weapons and equipment purchases along with other items (sentinels, cosmetic items, slots, etc.) in the game. This sometimes becomes a necessary expenditure when the gamer is too immersed in the game. They pay real money to gain or get upgrades that will provide them with an edge in the game.


  • Warframe prime access is a programme that makes available the Prime Warframes (they provide special powers to the bearer for a limited amount of time) and the Prime gear bundles on discounted platinum rates. Getting a temporary power-up is often critical to the success of a mission. A player who is stuck on a level often takes help of these temporary special powers. The Prime access in this game makes available to the user different power-ups based on the terrain that they are fighting on. Each prime activates a different type of temporarily available power. Also, other exclusive objects can be purchased from official game website. Latest prime Warframes and gear bundles are available on the site without any build up time. Players, who are interested in Prime Access, get the option to buy any one of the three available options.

There are various types of prime, such as:

  1. Mirage: Power of golden illusionist.
  2. Hydroid: Power of the ocean.
  3. Oberon: Forest guardian’s power.
  4. Banshee: Exercise the wailing spirits power.
  5. Valkyr: Attack with deadly claws.
  6. Nekros: Have power over the dead.
  7. Vauban: Get different powers.
  8. Saryn: Power of the deadly poisonous nectar.
  9. Trinity: Gain healing powers.
  10. Ash: Exercise a lethal force.
  11. Volt: The power of electricity.
  12. Nova: Use destructive offensive power.
  13. Nyx: Manipulate the mind of your enemies.
  14. Loki: Use the power of the God of Mischief, Loki.
  15. Rhino: The unstoppable force of the rhino awakens.
  16. Ember: Harness the ancient technologies and become a master of worlds.

Warframe free codes

Many times a developer uses codes as a medium of promotion or to gather more players in a short period of time. Warframe free codes also serve the same purpose. They are made available as bonuses or free gifts to new users or on certain task completions. They normally contain upgrades, new weapons or gadgets. Getting free codes often motivates a player to take up the game as they would be starting out with a benefit. Online communities often take gaming forums too seriously and are fiercely protective of the codes that they have discovered.

A free code helps level the playing field and enables the new players to establish a foothold in the game. Gaining a free gift might turn out to be something useful in the middle of a game when you are stuck on a level with no monetary units to make a purchase and advance any further. Warframe often helps its players gain better grasp over a realm via the gift of free codes.


Summing up

The game has garnered a good response from the public and is vastly played online. For players who are not familiar with different world scenarios and massive strategy games, it might take some getting used to. Various online game forum reviewers have given it positive feedbacks. The developers too have played their part well by making available online platforms and free world option (Plains of Eidolon) to the game. The game continues to grow in popularity and yet, a sequel to it has not been announced by its makers.